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aims to create “favourites”, that rouse memories in us, even when seen for the first time.
She selects a detail from a damask tablecloth and turns it into a buttonholeflower, transforms a napkin into a collar and
she embroiders onto solid silver, instead of textiles. Even the smallest remnants of fabric or packaging get conserved
under a plastic layer, given new value as “Badges textile” or “Badges Gold wert”. Her inspiration is everyday life and its historical development, reflected in her motto “as good as old”. Caro attempts to reintegrate things into our lives; things
that seem no longer to be up to date, but which have a certain value in her eyes. Needlework for instance is as good as
gold to her, because it costs a lot of time and patience. When combined with silver, wearable treasures are created.
Her most recent jewellery-series “Leni” is named after her two grandmothers and inspired by their thrift and heedfulness.
They taught her to not only care for fellow beings but also for the things that surround us. All their belongings were
handled with care, darned, mended and repaired if necessary. Admiring this appreciation and knowing that today we
mostly use, destroy and replace things, Caro designed brooche-necklace and ring-bracelet combinations made of
embroidered and “darned” silver.

  Master of Fine Arts, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL
Jewellery- + Productdesign studies, ABK Maastricht, NL
  working on her own collections
employee at Hester van Eeghen Design, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
student/employee at “Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnologie” Aachen, Germany